Advertising Type

In general, there are two types of advertising, namely traditional advertising and digital advertising. Traditional advertising is suitable for businesses targeting local consumers. Then, what is ott advertising type to attracts consumers to come and buy goods to the location of the businessman?

Unlike digital advertising. Such a marketing strategy will expand the reach of the business. Even if you want, you can reach 132 million users on the internet through digital advertising. If you are still using traditional advertising, of course, this is very difficult to realize. It is possible, but you need a lot of money.

Traditional advertising relies heavily on paper (brochures, posters, etc.). As a result, the costs incurred are quite expensive. In addition, you also have to spend more if you want to expand. To illustrate, you have to spend money on redesigning, reprinting, and distributing. It is much more economical to use digital advertising. The marketing media is the internet, through google pages or social media. If you want to expand, simply redesign the content and then change the target segment. Your ad is ready to be distributed again.

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