Golf Equipment For Beginners That Must Be Prepared

For people who are just starting out playing golf, choosing the right golf equipment for beginners can be quite a challenge. Apart from the many rules that apply to the game of golf, you will also find golf equipment of all kinds and models. Here, see more in review of the best golf push carts to get the golf push cart you want.

In choosing the right golf equipment, you need to find golf equipment that suits your needs and according to the type of exercise, you will be doing. After finding the right equipment for your play style, you are guaranteed to be more confident when you set foot on the green field. Here is some golf equipment that you must prepare if you want to be serious about playing golf.

Golf Equipment For Beginners That Beginner Golfer Needs To Prepare
Golf clubs
The first golf equipment for beginners as well as the main equipment for the golfer, namely golf clubs or clubs. A golf club is a tool designed in such a way as a tool to hit the ball. Golf clubs that are mostly needed by golfer usually consist of 5 types, namely woods, irons, wedges, hybrids, and putter. Each type of stick certainly has a different function and shape.

Wood or driver is used to hit long distances. By using wood, the golfer can produce shots that are more than 200 meters away. Usually, there are 1 to 3 types of wood carried by the golfer. However, for beginner players, just 1 wood is considered sufficient.

Irons are a type of golf club that is used to make medium distance shots with a high degree of accuracy. This type of golf club is the most widely carried by the golfer. The golfer usually carries a set of irons consisting of the numbers 5 – 9 plus the pitching.

While wedges are a sub-part of the irons used to hit the ball at short distances. This club has a loft and head with different degrees of tilt because it is intended to perform special functions such as directing the ball to the green or hitting the ball out of the sand area.

Hybrids are a combination of woods and irons and are used to shoot long distances outside the tee-box.

A putter is a type of stick that is used to make short strokes such as rolling the ball into the hole. Usually, a golfer carries about 14 clubs in his golf bag. However, as a player who has limited funds, you can bring golf clubs less than that amount.

Golf Bag
Golf equipment for the next beginner is a golf bag or golf bag. A golf bag is needed to store all golfer equipment ranging from golf clubs, golf balls, and more.

Make sure when playing golf, the golf ball you choose is not a modified golf ball but an official golf ball that weighs about 45.93 grams with a diameter of 42.67 mm.

Tee or often called a peg is a tool for putting the ball when it is about to be hit. This golf equipment for beginners is designed to lift the ball off the ground and make it easier to hit.

Although they appear to be additional accessories, gloves play an important role in the golfer’s shot quality. Gloves help to grip the hand more stable, less slippery, and more biting. Gloves also protect the hands from being slippery from sweat.

When playing outdoor sports such as golf, the golfer should wear a hat to protect their face from the hot sun. Hats can also double as a place to store tees and markers. Sometimes golfer also wears UV glasses to protect the eyes and avoid the glare of the sun.

Golfers usually have to go through up and down terrain so they need special shoes so they don’t tire quickly. Golf shoes have a special design so they are comfortable to wear for long periods of walking. Golf shoe designs that use a hybrid and spike sole model are the most popular golf shoes today.

Golf outfit
Golf clothes can be must-have golf equipment for beginners. Usually, golfers wear special golf clothes and pants that are comfortable and not hot when worn. Players can also wear hand sleeves as hand protection from the hot sun, especially when wearing short-sleeved golf shirts.

Those are some golf equipment for beginners that must be prepared before going down to the green field. Because most golf equipment is expensive, you should choose one that suits your funds or you can buy used golf equipment or take advantage of golf equipment rentals to save on playing golf costs.