Not Difficult, This Is How To Make Your Garden!

Ready to explore how to make your garden? The challenge of making your garden landscape may indeed be heavy, but if you know how to make your garden, your garden results may look like the handiwork of professionals. There is a certain satisfaction that cannot be compared if you can master how to make your garden well. Come on, immediately learn how to make your garden below! You can also learn about it via this link

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1. Find Garden Ideas & Inspiration
If you choose a flower garden, is the type of ornamental flower chosen is seasonal, annual, or even mixed? Whatever type of garden you want to get from how to make your garden, Kania’s advice is to start on a small scale, because it’s better to have small success in creating your garden than to fail miserably.

2. Choose the Right Location
Almost all types of plants, both vegetables, and flowers, require 6 hours of direct sun exposure per day. Take at least 1 to 2 days to choose the most suitable spot for the garden. Analysis of sunlight is one of the steps in how to make your garden which is quite vital, so do it carefully.

If there is no ideal spot for sun exposure, just choose a spot with sunburn and the closest available water source. Make sure this spot is also not hidden and easily accessible so that the maintenance of the garden will be more practical and efficient.

3. Start Clearing the Land
The third way to make your garden is to continue with cleaning the location of the intended garden. Clean the area from trash and weeds if any. After that, soften it by hand / a small trowel or cover the old newspaper with a pile of compost on top.

4. Improving Land Quality
One of the most important things in how to make your garden is to improve the quality of the land. This can be done by applying organic fertilizers and ensuring a good even distribution. Organic fertilizers such as animal waste or rotting leaves/grass can be added to the soil surface so that the soil becomes full of nutrients and is ready to produce.

5. Ensuring Soil Density
Hoeing is one part of how to make your garden that requires energy, but it’s not too heavy. By hoeing, the soil will reduce its density and nutrients. As a result, oxygen and water are more easily absorbed by plant roots.

6. Select the Plant Type
Make sure the types of plants you choose in how to make your garden are by the climate and weather conditions in the environment. If you need resources and information, then take the time to do a little research from books or other sources on the Internet. In implementing how to make your garden, the willingness to seek knowledge is very much needed.

7. Start Planting
This part is the most fun step in how to make your garden, which is to start putting the seedlings into the soil that is ready for planting. Some plant seeds can be sown directly in a garden setting, but there are seed pools that must be grown separately in small nurseries, either in small boxes or individual pots.

8. Routine Maintenance
Plants that are regularly cared for will grow into strong and healthy plants. After doing the heavy lifting of how to make a garden yourself, do some daily maintenance. One way of caring for plants such as watering, getting rid of pests, cleaning from bushes, and fertilizing according to the recommended amount.