Inventory Warehouse Security Management

The development of digital technology can also be used to assist the inventory control process at 儲存倉. Some entrepreneurs have also used automated software for inventory management. In which there are many features such as optimization of stock levels, prediction of stock needs, monitoring of stock movements, tracking distribution processes, and evaluation in reports. This becomes more efficient when the company also integrates it with other systems such as sales or distribution, stock purchasing, and accounting. Because finally the reports in the inventory section can be directly used by other departments whenever they need them. Also, the placement of goods is usually adjusted according to the level of demand so that distribution is easier. Items that are in relatively high demand are usually placed on front shelves that are easier for employees to reach.

One of the techniques widely used in implementing this strategy is the ABC technique. Goods category A is the most priority, then B and C. The consideration uses the level of sales ratios and whether the impact on finance is significant. This strategy is especially necessary if your company has a wide variety of inventory items. Because making categories will make it easier for you to determine the priority scale. Because some items require more attention than others. Whether it’s in terms of impact on finances or sales ratios. Sometimes the problem that hinders inventory management is the supplier. They are difficult to contact or sometimes cannot fulfill requests on time. So that results in a lack of stock in the warehouse when needed. This is what entrepreneurs also need to pay attention to and evaluate.

Conversely, sometimes the problem lies on the part of the entrepreneur because it is not time to pay off the purchase of new stock or problematic documents such as a Purchase Order. This ultimately makes the suppliers less interested in serving optimally, even though they have sufficient stocks. Hence this strategy is also very important for entrepreneurs. The stock order process can be arranged so that it is always on time, for example using an automatic payment system. Besides that, it can also provide a special portal for suppliers, so they can easily send offers including invoices to companies.