Understanding The “Hold” Activity In Stock Market Index

Hold activity as the name can be said to hold. This means that under any circumstances the investor’s index price tries to “hold” or keep the indexes. Concretely, when stock market index prices, like NASDAQ100, fell at a fairly drastic pace, investors must immediately say they hold on to the indexes. Due to the sharp decline, confirmation is needed at a fast pace so that investors do not suffer losses. In the meantime, you may visit http://www.nas100brokers.com/strategy.html if you are interested in learning more about the NASDAQ100 strategy.

Likewise, vice versa, when the upward trend in the stock market index like NAS100 occurs, investors should not be hasty in selling their indexes. Because who knows, after selling the index price it will continue to increase. Therefore, in investing, investors are always advised to first understand the procedures for investing in the stock market index like US100, then you need to know the risks.

It is like an investor must fully understand the sound of the Stock Market Index advertisement in visual media which says: know-how, know the risks; know the benefits. For this reason, investors need to understand well about the stock index, types of indexes, and the nature of stock market index investments.

Some things that investors need to keep in mind with regards to buying, selling, and holding:

Don’t buy securities based solely on phone seduction, ask for more information in writing before deciding to buy.

Beware of the marketing department of securities companies who try to seduce them into hasty buying and selling decisions.

Do not buy securities based on news that is not clear. It would be safer to check the truth of a story. Also, it should be noted that if you buy or sell securities based on insider information, these actions can be categorized as illegal.

Seek advice from competent parties if you do not understand the information in the prospectus or other information. Don’t trust the party who guarantees certain benefits.

Check the references and backgrounds of the parties offering the securities. Remember that great performance in the past does not guarantee the same performance in the future.